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Ever wonder if you're missing something?Example of Do it your self (DIY) Seo Plan

You work on your website every day. You know it like the back of your hand. You believe you know its strengths and the weaknesses. You think you've fixed the issues preventing you from accelerating your growth. But have you?

What you're missing, your customers aren't

I'll never forget the time I proudly showed my wife a website project I had been working on for weeks, and was about to launch. Within a few seconds of looking at it, she pointed out an obvious flaw in the design. I was embarrassed beyond belief.

We can't see our own mistakes

We tend to gloss over our own mistakes. It's sad, but true.Sometimes a fresh, critical perspective is a slap in the face we need.
Example of Do it your self (DIY) Seo Plan

I'm going to bet there's 3 things your website needs improved

Maybe it's as simple as changing a few words in your shopping cart. Or maybe your navigation is confusing to first time visitors. Either way, odds are there are 3 things, that if changed, can make a huge impact on the success of your website.

What aspects of my website will be reviewed?

  1. The clarity of your site navigation

  2. The effectiveness of your conversion funnel including product pages, shopping cart, and checkout process

  3. Search engine optimization (SEO)

  4. An evaluation of your site branding, including any artwork and photography

  5. Marketing opportunities such as social media optimization

Based on the aspects listed above, Palmer Web Marketing will prioritize the top 3 Things your site needs in order to move to the next level.

  What 3 Things does your site need? Find out Today!

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Why Trust Palmer Web Marketing?

With over 6 years of experience in internet marketing, Palmer Web Marketing knows the ins and outs of modern search engine optimization, eCommerce optimization, and conversion strategies. This experience will be utilized to create your unique 3 Things report.

Buy 3 Things Report - Do it yourself SEO Guide

Frequently Asked Questions about 3 Things Report

Q: What exactly will I receive when I order?

A: Because every 3 Things report is created individually, your report will vary between 2-3 pages in length and will be sent as a PDF document. Unlike many automated website grading tools available, 100% of your 3 Things report is hand-crafted for your website with practical, prioritized, and real world recommendations from a seasoned website marketing consultant.

Buy 3 Things Report - Do it yourself SEO Guide

Q: How can I be assured 3 Things Report will meet my needs and expectations?

A: Palmer Web Marketing is confident that 3 Things Report will exceed your expectations. If you are unsatisfied with your personalized plan, Palmer Web Marketing will gladly refund 100% of the purchase price.

Buy 3 Things Report - DIY search engine marketing guide

Q: What happens after I purchase 3 Things Report? When will I receive it?

A: Your personalized 3 Things Report will be created and emailed to you within 3 business days from the purchase date. In most cases, we'll have a few questions to ask you before completing your report. Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will receive a confirmation detailing when your report will be completed.

Buy 3 Things Report - Do it yourself SEO help

What 3 Things does your site need? Find out Today!

Enter Your Website URL:

 $149.95 One Time Fee