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10 Site Wide SEO Tips

by Justin Palmer - September 13th, 2007

Traditionally, I see most SEM experts divide SEO into 2 types: on page and off page. I like to think of a 3rd category: site wide optimization. Here’s my top 10 tips to keep your entire site healthy.

  1. Don’t use JavaScript or css navigation. The SE’s can’t crawl it.
  2. Don’t use session id’s in your URLs. These can create duplicate content problems.
  3. Avoid using more than one parameter (or ID) in a url
  4. Better yet, eliminate parameters entirely by using static links
  5. Submit an XML sitemap to Google sitemaps and Yahoo Site Explorer
  6. Create a physical sitemap
  7. Create a Robots.txt file that defines your sitemap and lists exclusions
  8. Don’t use JavaScript or css navigation. The SE’s can’t crawl it.
  9. Don’t stuff keywords in your primary navigation. Site wide links are devalued.
  10. Link to your SEO landing pages contextually. In other words, within a decent size body of text.

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Justin Palmer is an eCommerce, SEO, and Web Usability consultant that offers Christian Internet Marketing and Christian Search Marketing for businesses and ministries.

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One Response to “10 Site Wide SEO Tips” by Justin Palmer

  1. Freight Forum Says:

    Why do you say SE’s cannot follow CSS navigation?

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