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10 Ways to Use an Online Street Team

by Justin Palmer - September 19th, 2007

In previous posts, I’ve discussed some online Street Team marketing basics. In this post, I’ll throw out some more ideas on how it can be used as both a branding tool and a sales driver. Some of the suggestions below will not apply to all business types, and some of them may be too complex on the technical/programming side. However, I have successfully used all of these before with clients, so rest assured they do work.

  1. Customer affiliate program - give your customers a % of sales when they refer friends and family.
  2. Promo packs – Send out your dedicated street team members packs of stickers, flyers, coupons, etc.
  3. Free PC Wallpapers – Great branding tool for the home or office
  4. Screensavers – Great branding tool for the home or office
  5. Printable flyers – Great for getting the word out in the community
  6. Avatars – Used extensively with IM applciations such as MSN and Yahoo
  7. AOL Buddy icons – Smaller than an Avatar, these are very popular with younger crowds
  8. Myspace backgrounds – What can be better than your brand plastered on hundreds of myspace profiles?
  9. Mysapce layouts – Even better than just a background, this will change the appearance of their whole color and layout scheme
  10. Copy and paste HTML banners – Perfect for people to use on the myspace profiles, blogs, facebook profiles, etc.

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