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3 Effective Link Building Tactics for 2008

by Justin Palmer - December 31st, 2007

Obtaining good quality backlinks without paying for them is becoming increasingly difficult. In this short post, I thought I’d share 3 link building tactics that have been working for me lately.

  1. Hubpages: Hubpages is a community of articles, or “hubs” on various topics. Their unique system discourages spammers by slapping no-follow tags on outgoing links if your “hubscore” falls below 75. You can increase your hubscore by participating in forums, commenting on hubs, and most importantly, submitting high quality, completely original articles. It takes some work to maintain your hubscore, but the high quality links are worth the effort. I’ve seen some of my hubs picked up by Google in less than 2 hours.
  2. specializes in business related guides and tutorials. As long your guides are high quality and pass the approval process, they can contain as many followed links as you’d like. In addition, I’ve received decent traffic from the guides I’ve submitted so far.
  3. Ebay Blogs: Who doesn’t want a link from Ebay blogs are a great way to showcase your ebay products, or just provide useful content to the ebay community. Links posted within your blog are followed, so the potential SEO benefit is huge. My first ebay post was indexed in less than a day.

Discovered any good link building methods lately? If you don’t mind sharing them, leave a comment.

I hope everyone has a happy new year.

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5 Responses to “3 Effective Link Building Tactics for 2008” by Justin Palmer

  1. Gab "SEO ROI" Goldenberg Says:

    You can also get links from eBay using the about me page.

  2. Big List of 2008 Prediction & Resolution Posts » Small Business SEM Says:

    [...] 3 Effective Link Building Tactics for 2008 [...]

  3. supaswag Says:

    Thanx for the tip! The embedded links are no non-follows. Hubpages: You’re right, it is tough to keep your Hubscore above 75. Ebay Blogs: Not sure about the benefit of this one, as you don’t get a direct link. Bit pointless..

    Anyway, keep it up!

  4. Какво ни очаква през 2008 Says:

    [...] 3 Effective Link Building Tactics for 2008 [...]

  5. Massage Therapy Schools Says: has some great tips and a resources. I would check them out if you are looking for help. Thanks for the resource suggestions.

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