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3 (Little-known) Sources of High Quality Backlinks

by Justin Palmer - August 16th, 2007

As an SEO consultant, I’m always looking for new linking strategies. In this post, I’ll share my current favorite 3 sources of high quality backlinks.

1) Newsvine: Newsvine is well known as a news site similiar to Digg. However, some people don’t realize you can submit articles to Newsvine as well. The articles can contain html links, and they’re quickly crawled and indexed by Google.

2) Buzzle: While many article submission sites have fallen out of favor with the SE’s due to SPAM, the Buzzle article directory remains high quality. It is however, harder to become an approved article contributor. Since you’re required to submit previous work, don’t count on using Buzzle as your first article submission endeavor.

3) Squidoo: Relatively new to the social scene is Squidoo. Wikipedia explains the concept behind Squidoo, “Squidoo is a network of user-generated lenses –single pages that highlights one person’s point of view, recommendations, or expertise.” A Squidoo lense is highly customizable, allowing you to add links, images, and more. If you network your lense properly, it will be crawled and indexed regularly.

Have any creative link building strategies of your own? Feel free to drop a comment.

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4 Responses to “3 (Little-known) Sources of High Quality Backlinks” by Justin Palmer

  1. CK Says:

    I have seen quick boosts using and text-link-ads. Very inexpensive ways to get unique custom content on blogs that are now being indexed within minutes on Google.

  2. Mike Says:

    Those are really good sites to use to build backlinks. I have seen great results in Yahoo for my Squidoo lenses especially after the Google slap of Squidoo a few months ago.

    Another new technique for building links is to use viral article marketing where your articles get distributed automatically throughout a network of sites.

    Not only does this give you backlinks but the site owners share in any ad revenue instead of keeping it all for themselves.


  3. Megan Says:

    Thanks for the list I have used EzineArticles for some time now but am looking to expand and have my articles spread out a little more.

    Thanks for the information


  4. modemlooper Says:

    Message Boards. Google a message board for the keywords of your targets click the message board that is on top and post a relevant comment about the message board posting. Put a link in your signature and you have just created a highly valued link back.

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