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4 Creative Ways to Use Transactional or Trigger-Based Emails

by Justin Palmer - August 30th, 2007

Transactional and trigger based emails are becoming more effective as generic, mass email blasts are becoming more irrelevant. Why? For one, an transactional email is usually in response to a request or an action a customer takes, therefore it is more inline with a pull marketing strategy rather than push. Below I’ve listed 4 ways I’ve successfully used transactional emails with my clients. Keep in mind many of these strategies won’t work for all business types, and most of them are geared towards an e-commerce, physical product site. 

  1. Low-stock Emails: Allow your customers to be notified when a product they are interested in is almost sold out. Many people have a tendency to wait until the last minute before they act, so this serves as a great last minute reminder. Out of all the transactional emails I’ve ever used, this type seems to get the best conversion rate since there is a strong focus on urgency.
  2. In-Stock Emails: Many times customers end up on the product detail page for an item that is out of stock. Rather than simply tell them, “Sorry, too late!” why not allow them to be emailed when the product becomes available again? In my experience, people are blown away by this, and often times purchase the item immediately.
  3. New Product Alerts: Most businesses have trained their customers to know that their product newsletters are one size fits all. For this reason, the industry as a whole is seeing a decrease in open, click-through, and conversation rates. Rather than taking this approach, why not allow your customers to be emailed every time a product from their favorite categories is added to the site? Implementing a system such as this, you can expect to at least double your open rate due to the increased relevance.
  4. Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails: These are becoming more common. When you visitor starts an order but doesn’t finish it, it’s a good idea to check up on them. Customers are usually shocked at this level of customer service, and many respond by completing the order. This sytem will also allow you to determine what barriers exist in your current checkout process.

Leave a comment if you experience success with any of the ideas above or have any ideas of your own.

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One Response to “4 Creative Ways to Use Transactional or Trigger-Based Emails” by Justin Palmer

  1. Nakul Mehra Says:

    We have been doing Email Marketing for quite a few clients in the past months and have found that Trigger Based Marketing used for Birthdays/Anniversaries or any other relevant occasion noted in the merchant’s database has proved to have very healthy conversion rates. A simple email 1 week before your anniversary offering you 20% Off (Along with wishing you Happy Anniversary of course) – can really dominate your buyer’s buying intention and will.

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