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6 Reasons E-Tailers Need a Blog

by Justin Palmer - April 4th, 2008

If you’re reluctant to jump into the world of blogging, you’re not alone. Anytime I recommend to a client they should start blogging, a million questions arise. In this entry, I’ll list 6 benefits of blogging for internet retailers.

  1. It Shows your Human Side: Corporations are impersonal. Show your customers there are real people behind your business, and those people care immensely about the opinions of customers. Some companies have their CEO’s or owner’s blog, while others opt for letting all employees blog. Whatever your choice, write in way that reaches out with that personal touch.
  2. Product Highlighting: Blogs are a great medium for highlighting new and exciting products. Don’t over do it though, and keep it objective. If your posts smell like hyped up marketing in disguise, your readership will suffer. Rather than selling, consider letting employees review products objectively, explaining the features and benefits in a subtle way.
  3. It Gives a Voice to Your Company: Forget stale “Press” pages, use a blog instead! What new or exciting developments are happening in your company? Are there any changes your customers need to know about? Share them on your blog.
  4. It Gives a Voice to Your Customers: The enlightenment that comes from unfiltered customer comments is priceless. It’s amazing to me how blogs are magnets for criticism, both positive and negative. While not every comment should get posted, it greatly helps your credibility to answer a challenge or problem from a customer. If the comment is positive, you can’t buy a better brand building tool.
  5. It Adds Value to Your Brand: Seth’s recent post, “Who Would Miss You?“, raises a great question that e-tailers in particular need to ask and answer. If you shut down your website today, would your customers miss you, or would they easily find a replacement? Blogging has the unique ability to add value to your brand by creating a irreplaceable relationship with your customers. Sure, your competitor sells your same products, but do they offer weekly tips for using them on their blog like you do?
  6. More Visibility on Search Engines: Blog content tends to get favored by Google. You’ll likely find that a product review blog post will outrank your regular product pages.

Need some inspiration from other retailers? Checkout Get Elastic’s list of over 75 eCommerce blogs.

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6 Responses to “6 Reasons E-Tailers Need a Blog” by Justin Palmer

  1. Website Design Says:

    Great post. I push blogs on all of my clients as well. I think there are a myriad of benefits to blogging. One of the biggest that stand out to me is personalization. By blogging, you can put a real voice to your website. It helps to bridge the gap between an impersonal vague business to personalized service. It’s a great way to attract new clients and I’ve found it actually helps with putting me in touch with the types of clients I would prefer to deal with.

  2. The Cart Blog » Blog Archive » GetElastic on the importance of catablogging Says:

    [...] a cart? You need a blog. Heck, I think you should be twittering too, but that’s just me. addthis_url = [...]

  3. Corporate Blogging: Tips for Writing Your First Blog Post - Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog Says:

    [...] the plunge into corporate blogging if you haven’t already. Last week Justin Palmer covered 6 reasons you should have an ecommerce blog. You will also enjoy James Chartrand’s contribution to Copyblogger that helps you choose a [...]

  4. Orovo Tim Says:

    I’m taking it a step further and using WordPress for an ecommerce site I just launched. I’m very curious to see how well it performs in the search engines.

    I’m using e-junkie for my “shopping cart”.

    Over all, its tedious and slow – I would never use it for hundreds of products – but it seems fine for a handful.

    The price is attractive, however. My total start up is under $100.

    If you are curious it’s

  5. palmerwebmarketing Says:

    @ Tim,

    WordPress seems like a quick and easy solution for only a few products. I hope it works well for you.


  6. orovo Tim Says:

    Justin – I got my first order within 24 hours of going live off a long tail search term on a brand new domain.

    The SEO potential of wordpress in intriguing. I am going to do a experiment with a monstercommerce PR4 website VS a brand new wordpress and see the difference in traffic for specific terms.

    Why does wordpress do so well? My monster site has good page title, clean URL’s, H1 tags etc. but is just ok in the SERPs.

    Is it the syndication? The internal link structure?

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