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Why Small Businesses Don’t Need an SEO (or any other specialist for that matter)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying search engine optimization is worthless. In fact, I believe SEO is one of the most effective marketing mediums for small businesses available.

However, can a dedicated SEO firm really provide value to a small business? Time and time again, I’ve seen small businesses fall into a trap of believing SEO will solve all their problems. I’ve seen very talented SEO firms provide high quality services to their small business clients, only to neglect much larger problems.

Below are some of the major areas that some SEO’s tend to neglect in order to achieve good rankings for their clients:

  • Website usability: It doesn’t matter if people find your website through search engines if they can’t figure out how to use it. Getting your site visitors to take action is just as important as good search engine optimization.
  • Graphic design/branding: Yes, search engines like text, but people don’t like ugly web pages. There must be a balance between attractive, brand building content and textual content.
  • Other low-hanging marketing fruit: Your site may desperately need SEO, but what if your email marketing program is even worse off? In this situation, having a knowledgable, generalist type internet marketing consultant will be advantageous compared to an SEO specialist.

So, are SEO specialists worthless? Absolutely not! However, small businesses cannot afford to hire specialists for every nuance of their internet marketing program, therefore it only makes sense to hire an internet marketing firm that can analyze their current situation, and provide help with the areas needing the most work.

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