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Street Team Marketing part 1

by Justin Palmer - July 31st, 2007

In a previous post, I mentioned the concept of street team marketing. Although the concept is nothing new in the music industry, not many other businesses have not yet embraced it as a viable marketing medium.

So what can a street team do for a business? Let me use an example of how we implemented a street team at a C28, a faith based apparel retailer I currently work for. C28 has a well branded clothing line that represents not just fashion but also a lifestyle and image. Because of the power of the brand, much of their marketing is word of mouth.

Over a period of several months, we created an online street team only area of the C28 website featuring tons of free content such as wallpapers, screensavers, myspace content, and flyers. We also provided online promotion tools such a personalized email templates, copy and paste html banners, avatars, etc. We also went a step further and combine this free content with the ability to let street team customers earn store credits by referring friends.

The response was overwhelming. Customers immedietely embraced the content and the idea. Some came for the free stuff, some came to earn credit, some came for both. While we expected the street team to appeal only to a younger audience, a quick survey proved we had customers ranging from the teens to middle aged fans, all willing to promote the brand.

Obviously, a Street team such as this is not practical for every business. However, I strongly believe nearly any business in industry can benefit from this concept in some way. Stay tuned, as I’ll share some more ideas on street team marketing…

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4 Responses to “Street Team Marketing part 1” by Justin Palmer

  1. 4mysales Says:

    The combination of a street team with online resources is great. Most brands employ either, or, and not both together.


  2. Mitch Says:

    Agreed with 4mysales, combining the traditional functions of a street team with online communities can facilitate growth of the social aspects of the team. At ScreenScape Networks, we are using Facebook to organize our street team. Members can easily trade tips with each other, learn more about the product they are promoting, and engage in healthy rivalry.

  3. Kate Hensler Says:

    This is a great site with out of the box tactics! I am so glad I stumbled across it. Quick question: How can you make sure that street team members are really earning credit and holding themselves accountable through both viral marketing and through other tactive? Do you rely on an honors system, or is there another way to hold members responsbile?

  4. GodFrame Says:

    Wow!!! C28 is thebomb!!! I buy a lot of your stuff!

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