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The Secret to SEO Keyword Selection

by Justin Palmer - September 16th, 2007

The success of an SEO campaign is dependant on many factors, but it all begins with keyword research. Targeting the right keywords, and you’ll both rank well and convert your traffic. Target the wrong words, and you’ll either rank for keywords that don’t convert or not rank at all.

I’d like to suggest that the secret to picking the right keywords is finding niche terms that are not too hard to rank for, but will convert well. Time and time again I’ve seen new websites pick terms that are to hard to rank for in a relatively short time. By shooting for the stars, these sites end up missing the mark entirely, and not ranking for anything.

In my opinion, SEOs should always target the more attainable niche keywords first. For example, I’ve been working with a company that is seeking to obtain first page ranking for the term “Christian Music“. However, with Google showing an estimated 85 million results for this query, the odds of ranking in the top ten anytime soon was not promising. With this in mind, we chose to target the keywords “Christian music cds”, “new Christian music”, and “Christian music store” instead. Not only were these keywords easier to rank for, they are more specific and targeted towards my client’s business. Because we chose niche keywords with the term “Christian music” within it, we ended up slowly gaining ground on that term as well.

The moral of this post…. target niche keywords first, and the generic ones will follow. Happy SEOing…

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