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The Top 4 Article Submission Directories

by Justin Palmer - September 3rd, 2007

I’ve spent hours scouring the web for the best article directory sites. After finding more than I knew what to do with, I wasted time submitting to most of them. As time wore on, I’ve come to realize there are really only a few that matter and that Google still likes. I’ve listed them below, along with my thoughts on each.

  1. Buzzle: My personal favorite, Buzzle is the most SPAM free article directory, in my opinion. However, they are also the most difficult to get your articles into. They require you to submit previous work in order to be approved as an author.
  2. EzineArticles: A very popular directory, EzineArticles is another great site. They allow you to initially submit 10 articles, and then you must be reviewed again in order to continue submitting (which seems odd to me, but what heck)
  3. IdeaMarketers: Offers instant article approval, as well as a generous number of backlinks allowed in the article text and author bio.
  4. GoArticles: Not bad, articles are instantly approved. While the author bio only allows one link, you can put several in the body of the article.

Besides the sites listed above, I haven’t found any other worthy directories. Be sure to leave a comment if I’ve missed a good one.

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2 Responses to “The Top 4 Article Submission Directories” by Justin Palmer

  1. Mike Says:

    Nice post. I have not heard of IdeaMarketers before so I’m going to check them out. I seem to get most of my traffic from the articles I have submitted to EzineArticles but will have to give IM a try.

    Thanks for the tip!


  2. Max Says:

    is born a new article directory were writers can published for free works, articles, stories, etc
    the article directory is submit an article is free and no signup is required
    i have seen and it is Magic!!! For us writers. Google loves new article directory and especially new contents
    Content is King

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