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What is Street Team Marketing?

by Justin Palmer - July 28th, 2007

Over the past few months, try I’ve been fascinated by success of the “Street Team” for one of my clients. By creating this powerful branding tool, click we’ve quite possibly tapped into the most powerful and effective marketing machine available. Some of you might not be familiar with the concept of a Street Team marketing, so before getting into the details I wanted to clarify the idea.

 The term “Street Team” probably originated in the music industry, where small un-signed bands would solicit the support of the fans to spread the word on the “street.” Some bands provided their fans with content such as flyers, stickers, etc to pass out. With a faithful, grass roots base spreading the word, many street teams became successful avenues of promotion for little to no cost. What better way to do marketing than have your fans do it for you for free?

 So, what does Street Team marketing have to do with internet marketing? Everything actually. Street Team marketing and Web 2.0 are a match made in heaven. Over the next few blogs posts I’ll begin a discussion about how online Street Team might just revolutionize the way we do online marketing. Stay tuned….

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